Excellence. Fun. Creativity.

At MOOV, our experienced team of experts share a true passion for motion capture. Our brains work together to push our art further. And then, creativity happens.

Nicolas-Alexandre Noël

Production Supervisor

Nicolas-Alexandre started working in the animation industry almost 20 years ago. In addition to leading teams on major animation projects, his experience also includes 10 years at Hybride, a Ubisoft division, where he worked as a VFX and CG supervisor. He worked on major projects such as Avatar, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Warcraft and Valerian. Nicolas is also the co-founder of the VFX management program in Montreal (UQAC).

Julien Joubert

Technical Director

Active in the industry since the beginnings of 3D animation 20 years ago, Julien collaborated on major projects including Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. Constantly aiming for motion capture excellence, he also participated in the development of technologies to improve the quality of realistic facial animation. With a solid artistic vision and cutting-edge technical expertise, Julien enjoys finding solutions to the most complex production challenges.

Christine Martineau

Lead Animator, Motion Capture

Christine graduated from Concordia University in Film Animation in 2006. She then worked as an animator on a TV show called "Et Dieu créa Laflaque". In 2009, she made the switch to the video game industry, particularly at Ubisoft and Eidos. She worked on AAA projects such as Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell and many more. In the last 5 years, Christine moved to New Zealand to join the Motion Edit team at WETA Digital. She collaborated on great productions such as Tintin, The Hobbit and the Planet of the Apes.

Julie Tighe


For almost 20 years, Julie has worked in the world of television and video game production. She began her career at CineGroupe, then moved to Ubisoft, EA, Game ON, Studio MELS, to name just a few. A few years later, she co-founded the VFX Management course at NAD in Montreal (UQAC). Passionate about animation, she gets energetically involved in every one of her projects. For Julie, successful projects and a healthy team spirit go hand in hand.

Denis Huot

Director, Business Development

An experienced business development executive with more than 25 years in the information technology and entertainment industries, Denis is skilled in selling complex B2B solutions and services. Passionate and highly organized, he is appreciated for his ability to build strong relationships with clients and partners.

Amélie Brouillard

Senior HR Advisor

Trained in Human Resources with a minor in Psychology, Amélie spent the last eight years working as a Human Resources generalist. Her experience as a business partner at RCGT and her actual position at Squeeze and Moov make her a valuable resource to lead challenges where initiative and personal development are valued.

Patrick Beaulieu

CCO - Director and Co-Founder

Involved in the animation field for close to 15 years, Patrick made his mark in the video game, TV and film industries, thanks to his unique artistic vision and endless creativy. He co-founded Squeeze in 2011 with his partner Denis Doré, aiming to create a very high-quality 3D character animation studio. Moov shares Squeeze's core vision of excellence, but the studio is entirely dedicated at mastering projects involving a realistic artistic style.

Denis Doré

CEO - President and Co-Founder

Before co-founding Squeeze in 2011, along with his partner Patrick Beaulieu, Denis worked in the video game industry for several years, as a producer for Ubisoft. A strategic thinker with a strong vision and a deep sense of collective leadership, he is highly involved in the studio’s growth and in the development of its original creations. Moov shares Squeeze's core vision of excellence, but the studio is entirely dedicated at mastering projects involving a realistic artistic style.

François Houde

CFO and Partner

Prior to joining Squeeze, François worked as a banker in major financial institutions (such as BDC - Business Development Bank of Canada), advising companies on loan and investment opportunities. A professional accountant, François has a university degree in finance and marketing. CFO and partner, he oversess all things related to finance and legal both at Squeeze and Moov.